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West Salem Veterinary Clinic

Cat laying on hay

About Us

Serving our community for over 35 years

We specialize in companion animal medicine and are proud to offer 24-hour on-call emergency care for our current clients and their pets.

dogs and cat staring out a window

Our Mission

The mission of the West Salem Veterinary Clinic Medical Care Team is to provide the best possible, high quality care for our patients, while exceeding our client's expectations. Through our work we demonstrate our compassion and empathy for, care of, and commitment to animals, their health, and their caretakers.

We follow the golden rule, "Do unto others as we would have others do unto you", by treating each patient as our most important patient, each client as our most important client, and each employee as our most important employee.

We also strive to continually grow personally and professionally and to contribute to our community both as individuals and as a team. We accomplish this with our commitment to continuing education and to educating our clients and the community about animal health matters.

Dog and cat snuggling in the grass.

Pets We Serve

  • Common Household Pets: Dogs and Cats